Nathalie Percy was proud to be named pharmacy technical assistant of the year by the Uniprix Group during the recent Congrès Priorité ATP held in April 2015. 

With 20 years of experience as a PTA, Nathalie has never been one to shy away from responsibility. At the Jean, Côté et Perreault pharmacy in Acton Vale where she works, she is the delegated technician of final checks for accuracy of finished products and is responsible for over 500 pill dispensers. Motivated and passionate about her job, she plays a leading role behind the pharmacy counter and has optimized the management of the inventory. 

Philippe Côté, one of the pharmacist-owners, explains that “Nathalie has all the qualities you want in a highly qualified technician.” He also adds that “she does her job as if it’s her own pharmacy.” A relationship of trust has developed between this dedicated employee and her employer, who often asks her to represent the pharmacy at community activities, like hockey tournaments or monthly events where meals are served to the less fortunate members of the community.

Why such dedication? The answer is simple: she adores her job. “I love working with people and being able to help them.” And she knows people – everyone in her village, in fact! She started with the Uniprix Group as a cashier 20 years ago. When asked why she chose Uniprix, she explains that her decision came from the heart and that she has never looked back since. “At Uniprix, I feel like I matter. I feel supported and recognized for what I do.” She also appreciates that Uniprix lets her continue to develop her skills through various training programs.

The pharmacy’s independent status also allows Nathalie to make her mark in her day-to-day work. And now her efforts and commitment have earned her the Prix Priorité ATP. The pharmacist-owners are so proud of her they wrote to their community newspaper to have the story published. Now, the whole village has been coming to the pharmacy to congratulate her on her accomplishment. In addition to the recognition, Nathalie was awarded a $3,000 travel voucher. “I will be using my prize to take a trip with my kids, where there’s sun and sand.” We wish her all the best. She deserves it!


Nathalie Percy
Nathalie Percy
Acton Vale